Sunset Law

Site Under Construction

If interested in these links, both sites are under construction. Neither is up yet, but 2012 is the target year.

The sites (this one and are intended to offer a peaceful Jeffersonian revolution using three essential and symbiotic economic / legal actions to:

1. Restore money value and the ability to calculate economic activity costs long term.

2. Restore equal law by restoring citizen repeal check/balance

3. Ensure a prosperous posterity by restoring and securing separation of economy and state by gullibility inoculations with science as exponential motivation of part 2.

The sites,when up, will also offer:

a) "Talking point" ammunition to repel "Pravada" attacks. The mainstream press is in league with government; reportage is no longer adversarial to government.

b) Media amplification of Paul Krugman's executive branch intelligentsia (Krugman is a liberal op-ed columnist for the New York Times, specializing in economics).

c) Media amplification regarding the blather of most nonessential bureaucrats, so as to effect prediction.